The journey to zero-emission aircraft

For decades, SAS has been working hard to reduce emissions, with a focus towards sustainable aviation. SAS’ goal is to reduce emissions by 25 per cent by 2025, mainly by modernizing its fleet and increasing the use of sustainable aviation fuels.

Transitioning to zero-emission aircraft is the aviation industry’s greatest challenge and it can only be done by collaborating with others. One of the most important events this fall is the Airbus Summit, held on 21-22 September 2021, bringing together an industry-wide conversation about innovations and partnerships that will change the way we travel.

We are very proud of our ambitious sustainability work and that Airbus has chosen SAS to partner up on a path that will revolutionize emissions. SAS was among the first airlines to sign on to study on infrastructure needs for future electric and hydrogen aircraft with Airbus, in a unique cooperation to establish the requirements for the next generation of sustainable aircraft.  

The overarching theme throughout the Summit is sustainability and decarbonisation; and more specifically how the industry will come together to implement the necessary mix of solutions for a credible journey towards net zero. 

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